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Who Is Manna?

Manna features in-depth expository teaching in a lecture format.  It is a large class--yet includes prayer time and snacks each Sunday.  Brad Hannink uses visuals displayed on a large screen.  Quarterly study booklets are provided so members may study ahead, and Brad adds much more to each lesson than is included in the quarterly.  Manna schedules a variety of fellowships throughout the year to help develop deeper friendships.  The class also features the lessons on podcasts under Manna at Valley Baptist Church, available on most of the podcast applications.  This makes it easy to review a lesson, or catch one you missed.  Manna may be a large class--but it’s a friendly class too.  


Manna meets in the Adult Choir room, behind the sanctuary, and starts promptly at 9:30 with our announcements.  We have several members in choir, orchestra, or other ministries so it is not a problem to enter quietly after class has started. Most members are in their mid 40's to later 60's, but we have a wide range - some in their 20's, some older than 60's.  We have couples, singles, and married persons whose spouses do not attend church.  All are welcome.

our Leadership:
Brad Hannink


Marty Buck

Class President

Austin Buck

Producer: Podcast & Website

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